Multipli is a times tables based game for children and grownups. It promotes the developing of logical thinking and times tables basic skills.
Available in card deck, iPad and PlayTable. Soon also to iPhone.

Recommended by Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática (SPM) and by AL (Associação LUDUS).

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Over themultipli

Some challenges will appear randomly during the game, as forbidden values in answers, time to answer and other
tests presenting growing levels of difficulty.

If you’re still struggling with times tables, multipli will help you keep your sums up to date. There’s no funnier way to
learn and become an ace in times table other than multipli.

App multipli

On the iPad, the number of players can go up to 4,
all on the same screen. In the absence of partners,
the player may play against the computer.

Card Desk

In the traditional game form the number of
players can vary between 2 and 8 maximum.

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